1. This is a local reserve, for local people
  2. Location, Location, Location
  3. Lights, Cameras, Action
  4. Know Your Enemy

This is a local reserve, for local people

Rather than spend most of your time in a car travelling to a famous nature reserve, get to know your local nature reserves, and other areas of interest.

Location, Location, Location


Lights, Cameras, Action

Regardless of what some ill informed people will tell you, equipment does matter. The purchase of a new lens or accessory can open up new photographic opportunities. But don't buy gear just because it is popular, or your favourite photographer uses it. Find out what equipment you need to achieve the images that you want to take. And then work hard to learn how to use it.

Know Your Enemy

Knowing the subject of your photos is key to getting good images. Learning about the lifestyle and needs of an animal, an insect, or a plant will allow you to find good specimensm and observe interesting behaviour.